Norway celebrates again – now in men’s 1000 meters

Allan Dahl Johansson from Norway became the second double champion in the championships. Daria Kachanova was the first one after winning ladies 1000 meters. Johansson did the same in men’s similar distance.

(Photo by Joosep Martinson – ISU/ISU via Getty Images) Allan Dahl Johansson

It was remarkably close battle with Johansson and silver medalist, Koki Kubo from Japan. Winning margin was only 0.04 seconds. Bronze medal went to Tyson Langelaar from Canada who was third also in yesterdays 1500 meters. Koki Kubo won gold in men’s 500 meters and he was one of the strongest favorites in 1000 meters too.

Koki Kubo

-I am little bit disappointed because I was going for the gold and it was really close, Kubo says.

Kubo told that the conditions weren’t easy but that he’s always trying his best and to win. He also said that the 1000 meters was an important distance for him. Kubo said that he will come back even stronger next season.




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