New junior world records in Team Sprint

In both men and ladies a new junior world record was skated in Team Sprint. In men the team Netherlands (Niek Deelstra, Thijs Govers, Tijmen Snel) won with 1.25,65 and in ladies the team China (Huawei Li, Sining Yang, Nan Sun) won with 1.34,86. Faster times have been skated during this season but no one has paid attention to a change in the rules that requires that all the team members need to doping tested in order to approve the result as a world record. This time it was taken care of.

Team Sprint medalist (Photo: Tytti Nuoramo)

In men, team Canada (Connor Howe, David La Rue, Tyson Langelaar) took the silver and team Germany (Ole Jeske, Jeremias Marx, Max Reder) took the bronze.

-We were very surprised about the medal. We are very proud and happy that we got a medal from these championships, told Jeremias Marx.

– The Asians are really strong in this competition and we are proud to beat them, continued Max Reder.

– For me the championships have been a little disappointment. I haven’t got the best out of me. But this third place makes me happy, commented Ole Jeske.

Team Sprint medalists (Photo: Tytti Nuoramo)

In ladies the silver medal winning team was Italy (Deborah Grisenti, Chiara Cristelli, Noemi Bonazza) and bronze medalists were from Korea (Da-Som Hwang, Chae-Lin Um, Ha-Eun Kim).

– We didn’t expect that we had a chance for silver medal. Bronze medal we kept as a possibility. We were actually really close to even win it. So we are very happy, commented Noemi Bonazza of Italy.

There was some dramatics in the ladies’ competition since Jutta Leerdam from the Netherlands fell right after the start.

Text: Suvi Sorvakko and Joakim Nordström

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