Netherlands completed the perfect Championships with two more gold medals

Elisa Dul from the Netherlands won her first medal in the championships. It was a gold one in the ladies mass start event. Sanne In’ t Hof reinforced the Netherlands’ double victory with her silver medal. It was a fourth medal for her. Beatrice Lamarche from Canada took the third place. She already had a bronze medal from the 1000 meters. The race was tough and it concluded a few crashes. Lamarche said that the pace was pretty slow but it was challenging because everyone were pushing each other.

-Challenge was to stay on my feet for the whole race, Lamarche says.

Double bronze medalist from Canada also told that she finds the mass starts stressful. Although she likes them very much because you have to mind the other skaters all the time.

-I am pretty satisfied with my championships, Lamarche concludes.

Men’s mass start champion also came from the Netherlands as Chris Huizinga became a triple champion. He will return home with five championship medals. Silver medalist came from Korea as Hyun Min Oh took his first medal in the championships. His championships went fairly constantly. Hyun Min Oh was sixth in the allround competition.

Mass start bronze medalist was Graeme Fish from Canada. He was third in men’s 5000 meters yesterday. He was a bit surprised that he got a medal from the mass start but he was satisfied with his performance in the championships.


-It has been a good experience for sure to see where you are at worldwide, Fish says.

When asked about the nature of mass start competition, Fish told that he doesn’t feel that much stress during the event.

-I just wanna go out there and have fun. It’s a different race for sure. It’s mostly for the audience and it ended up well for me, Fish concludes.



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