Netherlands clears the table in ladies 3000 meters and allround

The Netherlands took a solid triple victory in ladies 3000 meters. Joy Beune won the gold medal with a time 4.35.90. Silver medalist, Sanne In ‘t Hof was 1.24 seconds behind. Bronze medal went to Jutta Leerdam. Beune already had a silver medal from 1000 meters. Sanne In ‘t Hof was second in 1500 meters. Jutta Leerdam won 1500 meters and were third in 500 meters.

(Photo by: Tytti Nuoramo) Joy Beune (middle), Sanne In ‘t Hof (left) and Jutta Leerdam

Allround leader Daria Kachanova from Russia didn’t participate in 3000 meters. Due to that Leerdam won the allround competition. Joy Beune became second and Sanne In ‘t Hof third. So triple victory in that event too for Netherlands.

(Photo by Joosep Martinson – ISU/ISU via Getty Images)  Jutta Leerdam

Junior Championships 2017 have been a true success for the Netherlands. Team leader and coach Jetske Wiersma said that it was amazing to see three Dutch girls on the podium. She told that the team had to get used to the challenging conditions because in the Netherlands basically every skating rink is indoors.

-You can’t do anything for the weather or ice. You just have to focus on your own performance, Wiersma says.

Team Netherlands is still hungry for more medals in upcoming events. Wiersma said that for now she is more than satisfied with the results.



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