Kachanova skates to clear victory in ladies 1000m

Daria Kachanova from Russia took her third medal and second gold in her third start. She was indisputably fastest skater in the event. Winning margin was 1.19 seconds.

-I am very pleased but the competition was extremely high class and tough, Kachanova says.

(Photo by Joosep Martinson – ISU/ISU via Getty Images) Daria Kachanova

Silver medal went to Joy Beune from the Netherlands. She was surprised about the result. Beune said that her performance was nearly perfect and everything went as good as possible. Bronze medalist came from Canada as Beatrice Lamarche narrowly beated Nan Sun from China.

Conditions have changed a bit from yesterday. Weather is sunny. Kachanova told that ice is very good and slippery but there is some headwind on the straight. Silver medalist Joy Beune agreed on that.

-It’s little bit windy. But I like that the sun is shining comparing to yesterdays cloudy weather.



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