Daria Kachanova leads in points after Friday

Daria Kachanova from Russia leads ladies allround competition after two distances with a 1.71 point lead to Dutch Jutta Leerdam. Nan Sun from China holds currently third place with a 3.86 point difference to Kachanova but Joy Beune and Sanne In ‘t Hof aren’t far behind thanks to their performance in the 1500 metres.

Medalists on 500 m: Nan Sun, Daria Kachanova, Jutta Leerdam. (Photo by Peter Weissenberg)

Classification for Ladies (Friday)

Correction: Jutta Leerdam lead ladies’ allround after Friday. Daria Kachanova had the most points after two distances but did not skate the 3000m race on Saturday and thus did not participate in the allround competition.¬†Title previously ‘Daria Kachanova leads ladies allround after Friday’.

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