Both familiar and new names among the top 3 skaters in the Junior World Cup final

The ISU Junior World Cup final was skated during the week end in Erfurt, Germany. Also this time, the North American skaters weren’t present. Actually they arrived in Helsinki on Sunday. The Junior World Cup final brought up some new names on the favorite list but also stabilized the position of some skaters as favorites.

Mostly familiar names in top 3 on 500 m

ERFURT, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 11: Koki Kubo of Japan competes in the Men Jun 500m race during the ISU Junior World Cup Speed Skating Day 1in Erfurt, Germany. (Photo by Oliver Hardt – ISU/ISU via Getty Images)

On Saturday, the top 3 list on 500 m looked pretty similar to what it was in the Junior World Cup in Collalbo, both in men and in ladies. In men the top 2 skaters were the same as in Collalbo: Tao Yang from China (35,99) and Xuefeng Sun, also from China, (36,10). The Japanese skater Koki Kubo became third (36,25). Kubo didn’t skate in Collalbo. Samuli Suomalainen who was third in Collalbo was 7th in the Junior World Cup final. In ladies, Daria Kachanova of Russia was again the fastest (38,68) and Nan Sun from China (39,58) was the bronze medalist like in Collalbo. The Dutch skater Jutta Leerdam was this time the second fastest skater (39,56). The silver medalist from Collalbo, Da Som Hwang from Korea, was 6th in Erfurt.

New names to appear on 1500 m

On 1500 m, the top 2 skaters in men were exactly the same as in Collalbo: Hyun Min Oh from Korea was the fastest (1.49,89) and the only skater who skated under 1.50. The Chinese Alemasi Kahanbai was awarded with a silver medal (1.50,04). Yanan Jin of China, became third (1.50,71). In Collalbo he was 6th. The bronze medalist from Collalbo, Jaewon Chung, didn’t skate in Erfurt.

ERFURT, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 11: Joy Beune of Netherlands competes in the Ladies Jun 500m race during the ISU Junior World Cup Speed Skating Day 1 in Erfurt, Germany. (Photo by Oliver Hardt – ISU/ISU via Getty Images)

In ladies, the winner on 1500 m was among the top 3 skaters for the first time in the Junior World Cup this season. Joy Beune from the Netherlands took the lead with 2.02,03. The bronze medalist from Collalbo took now one step upwards, as Sanne In t’Hof was the second fastest with 2.02,66. The Italian skater Noemi Bonazza returned to the top 3 with 2.02,85. She was placed 7th in Collalbo but in the first Junior World Cup event in Minsk she took the silver medal.

Familiar top skaters on Sunday

On Sunday the results for the top 3 skaters on 1000 m were almost a repetition from Collalbo in ladies. The same skaters shared the medals. Only difference was that Jutta Leerdam was the fastest in Erfurt (1.17,99) while Daria Kachanova took the silver (1.18,26). The bronze medal was awarded to Nan Sun (1.18,70) like in Collalbo.

In men, Koki Kubo was the fastest (1.10,96) on 1000 m like in the Junior World Cup in Minsk. Allan Dahl Johansson from Norway was the second fastest (1.11,97) and Yanan Jin third (1.12,02). Neither of them has been earlier mentioned as favorites for 1000 m in this article series.

On 3000 m in men, Marwin Talsma of the Netherlands was the fastest (3.50,05) like he was in Collalbo. Alemasi Kahanbai was again the second (3.51,06). Hyun Min Oh was the third in Erfurt (3.51,45). In ladies, Sanne In t’Hof was the winner in Erfurt (4.15,85). Karolina Bosiek of Poland, was the second (4.21,81). Bosiek has been among the top 3 skaters in all of the Junior World Cup events this season. Yuna Yoshimura of Japan made a comeback to the top 3 on 3000 m (4.22,62) after being absent from Collalbo.

The most changes in top 3 on Mass start

On Mass start in ladies the top 3 skaters were: Miryeong Jeon, Moe Kitahara and Sanne In t’Hof. Jeon and In t’Hof were familiar names among the top skaters on mass start but Kitahara ranked among the top 3 for the first time. The winner from Collalbo, Elisa Dul from the Netherlands, was disqualified. In men, only the winner, Hyun Minh Oh, had earlier been among the top 3 in the Junior World Cup Mass start. Jeremias Marx from Germany and Kohki Takamisawa from Japan were the other skaters in the top 3 in Erfurt.

Next week end it’s time for the ISU World Junior Championships in Helsinki. Welcome, everyone!


ISU Junior World Cup Final, Erfurt Germany

Saturday February 11th

Ladies 500 m

  1. KACHANOVA, Daria RUS 38,68
  2. LEERDAM, Jutta NED 39,56
  3. SUN, Nan CHN 39,58
  4. LI, Huawei CHN 39,81
  5. ZIOMEK, Kaja POL 39,90
  6. HWANG, Da Som KOR 40,00

Men 500 m

  1. YANG, Tao CHN 35,99
  2. SUN, Xuefeng CHN 36,10
  3. KUBO, Koki JPN 36,25
  4. ZAKHAROV, Ruslan RUS 36,29
  5. PARK, Seonghyeon KOR 36,66
  6. GOVERS, Thijs NED 36,67

Ladies 1500 m

  1. BEUNE, Joy NED 2.02,03
  2. IN ‘T HOF, Sanne NED 2.02,66
  3. BONAZZA, Noemi ITA 2.02,85
  4. YOSHIMURA, Yuna JPN 2.04,19
  5. JEON, Miryeong KOR 2.04,40
  6. KAWAMURA, Seia JPN 2.04,98

Men 1500 m

  1. OH, Hyun Min KOR 1.49,89
  2. KAHANBAI, Alemasi CHN 1.50,04
  3. JIN, Yanan CHN 1.50,71
  4. YUNIN, Yegor RUS 1.50,88
  5. SNEL, Tijmen NED 1.51,13
  6. HAYASHI, Riki JPN 1.51,16

Sunday February 12th

Ladies 1000 m

  1. LEERDAM, Jutta NED 1.17,99
  2. KACHANOVA, Daria RUS 1.18,26
  3. SUN, Nan CHN 1.18,70
  4. DUL, Elisa NED 1.19,90
  5. BONAZZA, Noemi ITA 1.20,04
  6. KAWAMURA, Seia JPN 1.20,75

Men 1000 m

  1. KUBO, Koki JPN 1.10,96
  2. JOHANSSON, Allan Dahl NOR 1.11,97
  3. JIN, Yanan CHN 1.12,02
  4. HUIZINGA, Chris NED 1.12,27
  5. YANG, Tao CHN 1.12,55
  6. GOVERS, Thijs NED 1.12,58

Ladies 3000 m

  1. IN ‘T HOF, Sanne NED 4.15,85
  2. BOSIEK, Karolina POL 4.21,81
  3. YOSHIMURA, Yuna JPN 4.22,62
  4. GASECKA, Karolina POL 4.22,76
  5. FEICHTNER, Viola AUT 4.24,39
  6. WIKLUND, Ragne NOR 4.26,28

Men 3000 m

  1. TALSMA, Marwin NED 3.50,05
  2. KAHANBAI, Alemasi CHN 3.51,06
  3. OH, Hyun Min KOR 3.51,45
  4. HAYASHI, Riki JPN 3.52,34
  5. TSUCHIYA, Riku JPN 3.52,80
  6. MANN, Lukas GER 3.52,97

Ladies Mass start

  1. JEON, Miryeong KOR 6.03,99 – 30
  2. KITAHARA, Moe JPN 6.04,02 – 20
  3. IN ‘T HOF, Sanne NED 6.04,08 – 10
  4. SCHOLZ, Lea-Sophie GER 6.10,76 – 5
  5. THEURICH, Tabea GER 6.11,28 – 3
  6. JABRZYK, Natalia POL 6.09,87 – 1

Men Mass start

  1. OH, Hyun Min KOR 5.51,83 – 30
  2. MARX, Jeremias GER 5.51,98 – 20
  3. TAKAMISAWA, Kohki JPN 5.51,99(4) – 10
  4. JESKE, Ole GER 6.14,46 – 5
  5. LINDENSKOV, Oliver DEN 6.08,34 – 3
  6. KARLINGSJÖ, David SWE 6.17,58 -1
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