Allan Dahl Johansson wins 1500 meters with a track record time

HELSINKI, FINLAND – FEBRUARY 17: (L-R) Chris Huizinga of Netherlands, Allan Dahl Johansson of Norway and Tyson Langelaar of Canada pose in the Men’s 1500m medal ceremony (Photo by Joosep Martinson – ISU/ISU via Getty Images) 

Norway got their first medal in the championships when Allan Dahl Johansson took the gold medal. His performance was convincing and as a result Johansson now has the track record in 1500 meters. New record time is 1.54.05. Former record was skated 19 years ago by Rintje Ritsma from the Netherlands.

Johansson said that he went all out right from the start. Track conditions got better during the day and Johansson agreed on that.

-I liked the conditions. My home track is pretty much the same.

Silver went to Chris Huizinga from the Netherlands. He was 1.07 seconds slower than Johansson. Bronze medalist came from Canada. Tyson Langelaar skated in the same heat as Johansson. He was happy with his performance and the atmosphere in the stands.

-Almost whole team’s families came out. That was a really good cheering squad for me.

Langelaar also mentioned that the ice was really nice to skate now. Langelaar looked forward to upcoming events and he was very confident especially concerning 1000 meters.



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